Transgender Identity Development and Minority Stress

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Role: First author
Collaborator: Kasey B. Jackman (Columbia University), Jordan D. Dworkin (Columbia University), Anneliese A. Singh (Tulane University), Allen J. LeBlanc (San Francisco State University), & Walter O. Bockting (Columbia University)

The present study is to understand the role of childhood gender nonconformity in developmental milestones of TGNB identity development among a gender and racial diverse sample. Childhood gender role nonconformity appears an important variable affecting TGNB identity development. Our findings indicate that TGNB individuals who were nonconforming in their childhood gender expression reached identity development milestones of awareness and disclosure at an earlier age, and perhaps because of that, reported lower levels of felt stigma and depression.

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This paper is currently under review.
Ya-Wen (Yama) Chang
Ya-Wen (Yama) Chang
Data Scientist