Childhood Trauma and Onset of Suicidal Attempt

Accepted at 2021 IASR/AFSP International Summit on Suicide Research.

Role: First author
Collaborators: Morgan Buerke (University of Southern Mississippi), Hanga Galfalvy, Ph.D. (Columbia University), Katalin Szanto, M.D. (University of Pittsburgh)

It is well established that stressful early life experiences can adversely impact long-term psychopathology, including depression and suicidal behaviors, in adolescence and adulthood. In addition, past studies have suggested that childhood trauma experiences are predictors of the onset of suicidal behaviors, however, none of these studies included older adults. The present study examined the relationship between childhood traumatic experiences and late-life suicide, and whether or not a difference exists between early-onset and late-onset attempters.

I am currently finalizing the manuscript for journal submission.

Ya-Wen (Yama) Chang
Ya-Wen (Yama) Chang
Senior Research/Data Analyst