Digital Mental Health

Time-Series Prediction of Change in Depressive Symptoms

In this project, we constructed an ML pipeline that predicted changes in the overall severity of depression symptoms in adolescents with high symptoms over a three-month period. We computed the residuals from a linear regression model, predicting the 3-month depression sum score based on the baseline depression sum score.

Digital Interventions for Rural Adolescents

Objective Rural teens are less likely to access care for depression than urban teens. Evidence-based digital single-session interventions (SSIs), offered via social media advertisements, may be well-suited to narrowing this gap in treatment access and increasing rural adolescents’ access to support.

Structural Stigma and Digital Intervention

In the United States, the experience of minority stress among LGBTQ+ youth varies across regions with high or low levels of stigma (e.g., laws, policies and cultural norms that limit the lives of individuals with stigmatized identities).