Digital Interventions for Rural Adolescents

Objective Rural teens are less likely to access care for depression than urban teens. Evidence-based digital single-session interventions (SSIs), offered via social media advertisements, may be well-suited to narrowing this gap in treatment access and increasing rural adolescents’ access to support.

Childhood Trauma and Onset of Suicidal Attempt

Objectives To examine the relationship between childhood traumatic experiences and early and late-onset suicidal behavior among depressed older adults. Methods Our sample included 224 adults aged 50+ (M ± SD = 62.

Suicidal Ideation Trajectories - A Latent Profile Analysis

In young and middle-aged adults, suicidal ideation is an important predictor of prospective suicide attempts, but its predictive power in late life remains unclear. In this study, we used Latent Profile Analysis (LPA) in a cohort of depressed older adults to identify distinct ideation profiles and their clinical correlates and test their association with risk of suicidal behavior longitudinally.

Structural Stigma and Suicidal Thoughts and Behavior

Objective To determine how a statewide indicator of structural stigma is associated with suicidal thoughts and behaviors among sexual minority (SM) adolescents. Method We examined associations between structural stigma at the state level and suicidal thoughts and behaviors in a nationwide sample of sexual minority adolescents ages 14–18 in the United States (n=489) who completed a cross-sectional online survey in 2018.